At ‘WeatherMart’, we are a private technology startup strongly backed by tremendous knowledge about weather, climate and its implications. We are proud to offer our expertise services for  agriculture and food industry, Insurance firms, Fishing, Pharma, Retail, Media and Renewables sector with decades of experience in the Weather stream.

We are a group of scientists with ‘strong seasoned brains’ and ‘young vibrant minds’ that want to translate our research and expertise into technological, scientific and social solutions for ameliorating weather. In this effort, we are attempting to localize and customize the solution with the accuracy and best value.

Our mission is to serve every extent of society extending from individual farmers, industries as well as governments with aiming to create social awareness about weather, its impact and act of preserving it for better future.

The Company

In real sense, when a team of ‘strong seasoned brains’ and ‘young vibrant minds’ forms a cohesive force, in reality it builds a value driven approach to deliver benefits to society at large. This is naturally applicable to the team of “WeatherMart”.

We are a technology startup strongly backed by tremendous knowledge about weather, its implications and decades of experience in working with weather models, forecasting, while making an impact to the society.

Our objective is not only to provide a technology solutions to generate right value for a citizens, individual farmers or a group of associates, but also to create social awareness about weather, its impact and act of preserving it for better future.

We are committed to energies social environment to act against forecasted extreme weather conditions. We are creating one of its first kind of “PAAS” model, which can be used by scientist and educational institutes to experiment and learn more with various weather parameters.

The Brains

We have passionate and experienced brains of Applied Physics, Analytics, Technology and Media to build a synergy for value driven scientific solutions around weather and allied areas.

Founders and Mentors are having PhD from elite institutes of US and India. They possess extensive knowledge about the field of meteorology. They had been associated with World Meteorological Organization, Geneva, in consulting role to many international and government assignments.

The expertise in information technology and ML/AI background is another feather to our core members.

Overall an absolute wining combination to deliver world class solution in weather forecasting and environmental science

Meteorological Products for your business

  • WeatherMart has developed special platform with AI/ML techniques that leverage different regional and global weather models with real-time weather feeds and historical data.
  • WeatherMart offers critical Real time weather data, Weather Forecasts as well as Historical data at customized locations across world in the form of raw data, maps and alerts according to your business needs.
  • The data frequency typically ranges from short term forecast of 15 minutes, hourly, daily, up to weekly and 16 Days horizon.
  • Currently we are serving 500+ locations across globe.

Automatic Weather Station

  • Automatic weather stations are extensively used to collect data from sites and locations which are remote, difficult to access or even from other locations to save the human labor and avoid human error.
  • WeatherMart provides cost-effective, indigenous, robust and loaded with connectivity Automatic Weather Station to monitor real time weather at your site.
  • The AWS faded with has following sensors:
    • Temperature
    • Humidity
    • Rainfall
    • Wind speed and direction
    • Pressure.

Mobile App

  • We have also developed the WeatherMart Weather app for accessing to the real time weather data any time from anywhere.
  • Animated weather forecast for better understanding
  • Use as knowledge platform with updated information
  • Alerts based on your local weather conditions
  • Dos and Don’ts for society
  • Subscription to ‘Knowledge Stream’

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